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120mm x 210mm MailLite® Envelopes
B/00 White

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  • Peel & Seal strip on the top flap

  • Colour: White

  • Box of 100 envelopes

  • The exact size of each envelope is: 210mm (height) x 120mm (width).

  • Manufactured from a high quality Kraft paper.


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Mail Lite® protective postal bags are manufactured with product protection in mind. All bags are lined with AirCap® bubble material for high performance cushioning (which implements a special air retention barrier to seal every bubble against air loss).

All Mail Lite® bags have a "Peel & Seal" strip on the top flap.
To secure the envelope simply peel back the tape and fold the over the flap to form a permanent seal.

The envelopes are manufactured from a high quality Kraft paper, which is excellent for hand written addresses or label adhesion
This makes it easy to write on addresses or attach postal labels to your packages.

Additional Information

Mail Lite Size B/00 - 120mm x 210mm
Colour White