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Grip seal bags

12.75" x 12.75" Resealable Grip Seal Bags
40mu Clear Bags

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  • Ideal for packing and sealing. 

  • Can hold anything from buttons to cutlery. 

  • Resealable lip at top of bag. 

  • 160 Gauge Bags. 


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Manufactured from a transparent plastic these 160 Gauge (40 Micron) grip seal bags can be used for various uses from buttons to food items. All our bags are rectangular with a grip seal on the shorter side.

These easy use bags come in all different sizes dependant on what their use may be. Simply slide your fingers along the seal of the bag to make airtight. These lightweight bags will take up less storage space than many alternatives.

Colour: Clear

Additional Information

Bag Size 12.75 x 12.75"

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